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Most often, the wood to make the products comes from the forest floor. I merely take it on a short detour before it returns to the earth.

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I make all pieces with my hands and a few simple tools - a saw, an axe, and some knives. Nothing is mass-produced, it is all crafted slowly with intent.

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Close up image of the bowls of four wooden eating spoons


The objects I make are meant to be used, and I design each form with features that will serve a purpose.

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sap is rising (idiom)

a : the springtime phenomenon of sugars flowing up through trees to feed new leaf buds

b : the momentum of a growing community of independent makers and supporters of handmade goods

This spoon is absolutely gorgeous! ... It's sculptural beauty will making cooking an enhanced adventure. Wonderful craftsmanship, and would definitely purchase more from this maker.


The greatest scoop I’ve ever owned. Beautiful. It’s doubled my caffeine intake.


This was so absolutely perfect and beautiful--so nice to hold and use. The packaging was also really thoughtful. This wooden scoop is a wonderful addition to our lives!


A beautiful spoon, so light and lovely to hold. Each of Eddie’s creations are special and unique and a pleasure to use!


Lovely little beard brush made with great quality. Perfect for those looking for a vegan option without boar bristles. Highly recommend!


The spoons are just lovely to look at and to use as well. Such a fun, unique addition to our kitchen.


"To me, craft is a catalyst of connection:

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