Product care

Wooden spoons soaking in soapy water

The best way of caring for your woodenware is to use it! When it gets dirty, just give it a scrub in some warm soapy water. Do not leave your woodenware soaking in water for long periods or put it in the dishwasher. After many uses, your treen will develop a lovely patina – the wood may take on the colour of the food it stirred, and the ridges between cut surfaces may be highlighted. You now have a truly coveted item: one that is characterised by its sylvan roots, but which has the signs of being loved and used in the home. If you want to breathe new life into your woodenware, just give it a light coat of tung, linseed, or walnut oil. It would help if you refrain from using it for a few days afterwards to allow the oil to cure.

Brushes with tampico fibre bristles can be cared for in the same way since they can handle water quite well. If you have a brush with any other type of fibre, these should not be exposed to water.